We offer the best bait for fishing in San Carlos
All of our charter fishing trips include seasonal bait. We offer bait for sale to other fishing charters companies and to any independent fishing person in the San Carlos Area all year round. To ensure the best fishing in San Carlos make sure you contact us ahead of time for all you fishing bait needs. 

Winter Bait: Sardines
The following bait is available for sale in the Winter months in San Carlos:

 SARDINES  are small streamline fish with a high oil content and a significant scent that is attracted to large predatory fish. Sardines are frequently used by anglers to catch a variety of game fish, including stripped bass, salmon and large catfish. Sardines work great as primary bait on a hook or with an artificial lure providing additional scent to provoke a strike. 

Summer Bait: Balleyhoo & Squid
The following bait is available for sale in the Summer months in San Carlos:

 BALLEYHOO  is excellent bait for trolling. They are great bait for all species of fish that we troll for in San Carlos and if handled and trolled properly can be trolled faster then live bait.
 SQUID  is recommended as bait for Anberjack, Atlantic Croaker, Bluefish and a few more. Squid should be hooked through the head if they are small enough, or you can cut it into strips and hook them individually.


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